Business Contents

MM Group Holdings Company, Limited. is pursuing group synergies while striving to nurture the businesses of the companies within our group and developing various businesses with customer satisfaction and social contribution in mind.

Communication services

As a member of NTT Docomo Group, we aim to be a company that pleases our customers, that can contribute to the realization of a safe and secure society that is rich and comfortable, and can contribute to its sustainable development. We are proud of our employees, value our encounters with our customers, contribute to the local community, and are satisfied and loved by our customers. We are also deploying our mobile phone business to the United States.


IT services

We provide solutions that meet our customers' expectations by taking advantage of our accumulated experience in realizing ICT achievements (information communication technology), such as system introduction consulting, system integration, system operation, and business networks. By developing and customizing software, we will respond to your business needs carefully.


Ad agency

We closely follow the developments in the changing world, confront the needs and problems our customers have, and finally direct a solution with a wide range of services ranging from branding, advertisement planning, website planning, promotion, and printing to design drawing tracing. We are confident in our speedy response, high quality and widening of ideas to meet our customer's expectations.


Food services

Food is indispensable to our daily lives. Along with changes in the lifestyles of people, their values ​​have changed significantly, but it is taste and affordability that are universally required all the time. Focusing on foodstuffs and always in pursuit of taste, we whole heartedly offer sushi, kamameshi, and box lunches. We will continue to be a shop that is loved by everyone in the community, with service that customers are pleased with. We are also expanding our business into the United States.

Miscellaneous goods

Putting on and wearing accessories all the time make everyday life more fun. These ‘kawaii’ accessories and miscellaneous goods attract the hearts of women of all ages. When changing trains or when they have a little spare time, women can drop into our stores to discover their new favorite ‘kawaii’ goods and accessories. New items are always in stock. Please take a look.

Cosmetics and health care goods

We provide cosmetics and health care goods which satisfy the needs and hearts of even the most discerning customers. Whether they are being used for healing from the tiredness of everyday life or to improve the condition of their skin with make-up, we deliver cosmetics and health care goods to satisfy everyone. In the fast-moving beauty and health goods industry, we catch the trends quickly and recommend confidently only the best products. In addition to domestic sales, we will provide goods to people overseas who are sensitive to their beauty and health.